Creative brief

To create a feminine and evocative brand identity for a South African interior designer that captures the essence of modern, inspiring, and functional living spaces, while embodying leisure and enjoyment in one’s surroundings.


To bring Jane’s vision to life, we designed a logo and distinctive brand mark that blend femininity with contemporary aesthetics. We selected a sophisticated font paired with graceful lines to convey elegance and uniqueness. The blue and golden palette was thoughtfully integrated to mirror the natural beauty of sky and ground, reflecting the subtle changes in light that enhance living spaces. This color scheme symbolizes the harmony between nature and design, evoking a sense of calm and inspiration. The brand identity communicates the interior designer’s talent for creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional, ensuring clients experience the relaxed mood and seamless flow of the South African lifestyle in their homes.


Interior Design


Logo Design, Brand Identity, Web design and Development

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