Riche Attorneys Inc. corporate logo design

Creative brief

To create a sophisticated and symbolic brand identity for Riche Attorneys that reflects their vision of freedom, strength, and strategic prowess. Our clients vision was incorporate a horse, representing freedom and strength, into the brand identity.


To bring Riche Attorneys’ vision to life, we designed a sleek, minimalist chess knight as the core of their brand identity. This choice not only redefines sophistication but also transforms the symbolic horse into a powerful statement of purpose and ingenuity. The chess knight submark embodies the firm’s commitment to creativity, analysis, and unwavering support. Much like the chess knight, Riche Attorneys are agile, powerful, and strategically positioned to defend their clients’ interests. The logo and brand identity communicate that Riche Attorneys are always three moves ahead, ensuring their clients receive exceptional and forward-thinking legal representation.




Logo design, Brand identity, Web design and development

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