Creative brief

To create a dynamic and heartfelt brand identity for Pauline’s Nut Butters, reflecting her journey towards holistic nutrition and honoring the memory of her late husband. Pauline wanted to emphasize her passion for natural, locally sourced ingredients and integrate the narrative of the historic nut mill on her farm, while incorporating her love for bright colors.


To bring Pauline’s vision to life, we designed a logo featuring a stylized representation of the historical nut mill surrounded by bursts of vibrant colours. This central emblem not only connects deeply with the brand’s origin but also communicates freshness and natural goodness. The patterns and color palette used across packaging and promotional materials infuse the brand with a sense of vitality and positivity, resonating with health-conscious consumers seeking wholesome, locally sourced products. Pauline’s Nut Butters embody a commitment to quality and purity, offering a delicious taste of her farm’s heritage while promoting a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.


Artisanal Food & Drink


Logo design, brand identity, Web design and development

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